10 Sarcastic and Funny Reviews of Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is well known as the first national park in the United States, famous for its beauty, its wildlife, and the Old Faithful geyser. In line with its incredible natural sights, it’s generally very highly rated in travel books, online travel guides, and visitor reviews, though there are always outliers and contrarians.

10 Sarcastic and Funny Reviews of Yellowstone National Park

Not everyone appreciates such natural beauty, especially in the age of shorter attention spans, misinformation, and obsession with social media. Overcrowding in popular outdoor attractions further hurt the cause, making some national parks feel less like unspoiled nature and more like Disneyland or your morning commute.

Here are 10 funny reviews of Yellowstone National Park – can you tell which ones are justified complaints, which ones are delusional haters, and which ones are sarcastic reviews poking fun at haters?

#1 – Bill

Seen one majestic and colorful thermal feature of archaebacteria, you’ve seen them all. They don’t even let you touch the geysers, and there’s only black and grizzly bears no panda, polar or cave bears.

#2 – Kat

The one thing that makes this place different from other parks is the geysers. I was extremely underwhelmed. They look SO much better in the pictures. If you want a similar look just boil a pot of water at home.

#3 – Rob

The reason for the single star review is the impossibility of doing anything unless you’ve planned a week long visit just in Yellowstone, and for that, you’d have to be a millionaire. EVERYTHING in this park is expensive. I haven’t seen a meal at any of the restaurants that wouldn’t have been outshone by airline food, and some of this stuff is over $30 for an entree.

#4 – Jim

Way too much dirt. Ya know, like soil. And there was a lot of elk. Not too many of the other animals, those were in good proportion. I also forgot my granola bar and I got hungry, nearly starved. This place is mid as hell.

#5 – Lo

I went to Yellowstone there was no service and no way to update my Instagram, how are people supposed to know where I’m at? You can’t actually get in any water here or get close to any of the animals “because they aren’t nice” don’t you have people on retainer to make this place family friendly? If not what’s the point. 1/10. Two of the four entrances are closed because of a flood that ripped out the road, why not just redirect the river? How can I enjoy this park when all I got was these photos I couldn’t post immediately!

#6 – Tripper

Y’all really need to get more bison plus no WiFi around the park y’all should be ashamed

#7 – Jonah

No Yogi Bear, no yellow stones, no volcanic eruptions, the geyser smelled bad, no cell service, it was outside, couldn’t pet the animals (mainly b/c there were none), traffic bad, staff extremely rude. 1/5 Don’t ever go here. This place blows!

#8 – Vann

If you get there at daybreak, you may have a couple of hours before the park-wide traffic jam begins. By traffic jam, I mean sitting bumper to bumper in virtually motionless traffic for hours on end. I am not exaggerating. We sat for over an hour and moved less than one mile.

#9 – T

Park sucked. I hate parks. Don’t ask why I went; must have been drugged. Every time I go to a park, I get mauled by a bear. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Seriously, you’d think Yellowstone would try to control their bear population, but no. And don’t even get me started on the moose. Thought they were friendly reindeer; the thing attacked me! Also, there were no 7/11 convenience stores within an acceptable radius of where I was. How do you expect me to get my slurpie when there is no 7/11 for 200 miles?????! I guess that’s all. Really disappointed at how nature-y this place was. I don’t get drugged at a rave party and sent to Yellowstone to live without all my modern commodities. I need my iPhone.

#10 – Jurassic

Was not aware the park was OUTDOORS gosh I hate that I made an hour and a half trip just for the park to be OUTSIDE smh.

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