14 Angry Wordle Reviews

Wordle is a simple, once-daily word puzzle game that has captured the hearts of many. By and large, users really like Wordle and rate it highly. It’s lauded for its simplicity, how the quick puzzle can easily slot into your morning routine, and for being a nice bite-sized way to keep your mind sharp.

But it’s also interesting to hear dissenting opinions. Here are 14 angry Wordle reviews and what they complain about:

14 Angry Wordle Reviews

Once-a-day Limit

One reason Wordle became as popular as it did is because it was just one puzzle a day, and everyone had the same puzzle so it could become a daily topic of conversation. But some players that are used to other games were unhappy about the limit:

Seriously?!?! One game a day? That’s not worth my time to launch the game.



Difficulty is tough to balance in a game. Too easy and the audience finds it uninteresting; too hard and the audience is frustrated and quits. And what is easy to some may be difficult to others. So you won’t be surprised to see Wordle reviews complaining about difficulty:

I hate my life because of this. Congratulations. I always wondered if I was stupid. Now I know. My self esteem has dropped so much I don’t even know if I exist anymore. Thank you for ruining my life. The word was freaking “album” and I could not even recall such a thing for existing. I spent two hours trying to figure out that word, and all I realized is I am a clown and my life is a circus. Thank you so much.


While this reviewer had a sense of humor about it, others were fuming about the difficulty after a big change came to Wordle…

New York Times Purchase

After its meteoric rise in popularity, Wordle was bought by the New York Times (NYT), to be included in their NYT Games package (most well known for the NYT crossword). Many were unhappy with this development, fearing a corporate buyout may corrupt the simple and easy joy of Wordle. But it seems a flood of reviewers were mainly angry about a perceived increase in difficulty:

When I first started playing, this would be 5 stars because it was great! It made you think but wasn’t impossible. They were normal words! The past multiple words I have had to look up the word to make sure it was real. That shouldn’t need to happen. NYT has seriously messed up this game (which is why the 1 star). If I wanted to figure out complex words, I would do the NYT crossword. I know you exist NYT, I don’t want complex crosswords. Just give me my normal game back! I like the level of thinking it took before; it was just challenging enough. Now I am lucky if I can guess it at all, and I am not even happy when I figure it out because I don’t know that word even existed. I am hoping this review can help all the others that feel the way I do.


I was trying to play a fun word game on my Sunday morning with my son and usually it’s a fun word game to get my mind going but ever since New York Times Bought it the words have been words that only a rocket scientist would now and instead of having fun it ruins my morning.


NY times are ruining this game. Stop with the challenging words and return it to the fun game it used to be. Sheesh.


I used to like wordle. I have a chaotic job and when wordle wasn’t made from the hardest words in the dictionary, it was actually quite fun to play and gave me a break in the day. But now on top of being stressed at work and about life, I get the word CAULK and VIVID. I want easy words and something that will not take all of my brain power to guess. New York Times is trying to make me a scholar and think way too hard about something that does not need to be that hard.


This was a 5 star game prior to the NYT taking it over. Simple, straightforward, and for everyone. Since then, the word choice leave people in the dark choosing a majority of words with repeated letters and archaic verbage. I used to really enjoy this game, until the NYT bought it.


When it first came out, it was a lot of fun and no stress. Now that NYT bought it, the words are really far-fetched and I cannot get any right to the point that I don’t want to play anymore.
This was oriented to the normal reader but now you will only aim at genius people so you will be loosing many players because all of my friends have stopped doing it.


Wordle also tracks your streak (how many days in a row you get the correct answer) and how many guesses it took for you to solve past puzzles. Some reviewers were unhappy about NYT’s handling of their Wordle data:

I loved playing it but now it’s been sold, lost all my stats and will look for something else.


I have a NYT account (or so I thought). If I miss playing Wordle one day, my current streak starts again at ONE. What’s the point of having an account if you can’t miss a day without penalty??!! I won’t waste my time any longer.


Word Choice Complaints

In a word game, it’s expected that players might get angry over some word choices. What do you think of these word choice complaints though?

Downgrade this otherwise interesting time waster due to use incorrect spelling eg color instead of colour


this game is absolutely dog doo doo my children were trying today’s word and it said caulk. this is absolutely inappropriate and not acceptable.


How predictable that the New York Times has already corrupted this game with their woke leftist political agenda. The words “slave” and “lynch” have been REMOVED from the word list. Last time I checked, they are still WORDS. Words without context typed on a screen are NEITHER HARMFUL NOR “MICRO AGRESSIONS”. What words are next????


Used to really enjoy playing this game but since the App has been taken over by NYT it has become ever more Americanised and leaning towards US words – todays acronym has been my breaking point – totally bonkers!


The Takeaway

We’ve showed you the angrier Wordle reviews. Most of the complaints were about NYT taking over Wordle, and it’s in people’s nature to find unhappiness when unwanted changes occur – even if it’s the same great game as before.

If you haven’t tried Wordle, or if you haven’t played it in a while, it’s a still a nice, fun word puzzle that is worth a crack while you’re waiting in line or on your commute.

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One Wordle a day not enough?

There are many Wordle variants out there, or you can try something different by solving the final step of other people’s nearly-completed Wordles!

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