8 Funny and Wholesome Stardew Valley Reviews

Stardew Valley is a popular game for all the right reasons: easy to start playing, engaging gameplay, charming characters, many hours of fun, and a great story behind its development. That’s why we picked out some of the funniest and most wholesome reviews to share with you.

The Story

But first, you’ll want to hear the story of the developer, ConcernedApe, and how he single-handedly made Stardew Valley, the game about farming, community, and so much more.

Usually “single-handedly” is an exaggeration, but not in this case. From 2011 to 2015, ConcernedApe built every corner of the game by himself – game design, coding, music, art, animation, story, and dialogue.

Inspired by Harvest Moon and similar games, he had a vision for Stardew Valley and insisted on realizing it, spending thousands of hours just improving his skills in art and music, in order to be able to create what the game needed. Working 10+ hours a day for almost 5 years, he built a living, breathing world, with realistic characters and dialogue, rich details from the swaying of the trees to the sounds of the animals, and smooth, charming gameplay that immerses the player.

And players loved Stardew Valley, which sold 1 million copies in 2 months, and well over 20 million copies in total so far. As for what they liked about it, here are some reviews that capture their feelings…

Stardew Valley Reviews

We went through the sea of adoring Stardew Valley reviews, and picked out 8 funny and wholesome reviews that celebrate the wonder:

The Funny

Stardew Valley lets you live the millennial fantasy of having more than three friends in your twenties, owning property, and having a stable income.


This game let’s me pretend I have everything I want in life: Stable income and a husband.


Some find it so immersive and happy, it’s a better version of their lives.

The Wholesome


It’s winter, you have a weekend and you don’t need to go anywhere. It’s so peacefully quiet outside. You brewed yourself hot tea along with fragrant pastries. You make yourself comfortable by the warm fireplace wrapped in a blanket and play Stardew Valley. Your farm is wonderful. You are the happiest person.


Truly a vivid, cozy depiction of what it can feel like playing the game.

This is the game-equivalent to a long-time best friend for introverts:

You may have some questions at first, may have doubts, but the more time you spend with it, the more you attach yourself, the more it becomes a part of you and part of the things you cherish. It’s the game you always come back to; the game that helps you relax when you get anxious; the game that is there with open arms when you are ready.

Do yourself a favor: get this game. Just trust me.


The Ironic

a game about being closer to nature and your neighbors, but is highly addictive and is keeping me indoors and alone. the irony is not lost on me.

—Ricardo Pleasure

The new update promises to improve the quality of your marriage. Doesnt work, my wife is still pretty upset I play Stardew Valley so much.


Slight spoiler: you can get married in the game, so the joke is the patch notes said the update would improve your marriage but it didn’t say which one!

The Full Story

If you’re looking for a wholesome game that destroys your IRL health bar, look no further. The regularly satisfying hits of dopamine will cause addiction. You’ll lose sleep due to the “Just one more day” factor. You’ll strain your eyes. Your most visited website will change. The existential crisis that will awaken in you for enjoying a pixelated, 2-D world more than your reality will send you down a path of reflection and, in most cases, enlightenment. Probably.


Stardew Valley offers a lot of things, and has changed the lives of many people. Perhaps in peace, wonder, open-mindedness, the game gives a lot. But I have one thing that’s been bothering me for a long time… How in the damn world did one single person spit out a freaking awesome game?

Even though it’s a farming game, which is commonly found everywhere, it’s original with its own spins. It’s extremely difficult to find a game that has such a captivating message that’s been developed so well.


These are just two paragraphs from the 1100-word essay that this reviewer wrote, must have had quite the impact on them!

Source: Steam reviews

Play It

And that’s really it. Stardew Valley may not have the best graphics, it might not have that wow factor – but the overwhelmingly positive reviews gush about how the game can make you feel relaxed, happy, and fulfilled. If you haven’t played Stardew Valley yet, what are you waiting for?

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