Review Guides

The goal of reviews is to share helpful information for others to benefit from, but sometimes reviews can be overwhelming. Our travel review guides summarize and streamline that information, and our guides to review platforms answer your top questions about how ratings and reviews work.

Travel Review Guides

You like to make the most of your time and money when you travel, and there are so many reviews to read through. Check out these travel review guides to make your life easier on your next trip:

  • 10 Most Reviewed Places in the World

    10 Most Reviewed Places in the World

    Ever wondered what the most reviewed places in the world are? They are all popular tourist attractions, from historic structures to vacation destinations to holy places of worship. On Google Maps, these places have over a quarter of a million reviews each!

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  • Tips for Visiting the Statue of Liberty from Reviewers

    Tips for Visiting the Statue of Liberty from Reviewers

    The Statue of Liberty is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world, one that most tourists visit when they are in New York City. But because it’s so popular, tickets can sell out well in advance, long lines may be inevitable, and scams are commonplace. Lucky for you, we’ve went through thousands of…

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Guides to Review Platforms

Review platforms can be quite complex nowadays, with algorithms that prioritize certain reviews, hide or filter fake reviews, or recognize prolific reviewers. In our review guides, we answer your questions about review platforms, from how Uber ratings work to how to join Yelp Elite:

  • How Uber Ratings Work

    How Uber Ratings Work

    Most online service platforms, from eBay to AirBnB to Uber, have a rating or review system. But aside from tapping the number of stars to rate your driver, you may not know much about the Uber ratings system. Ratings on Uber are important because they determine your continued access to the platform. Here are key…

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  • How to Join Yelp Elite Squad

    How to Join Yelp Elite Squad

    What is Yelp Elite Squad? It’s an exclusive community of Yelp reviewers that are recognized for their contributions and invited to free local events. Yelp Elite are selected each year in an opaque process, so in this guide we’ll share with you how to join Yelp Elite and why you might want to be a…

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  • Google Local Guides – What You Should Know

    Google Local Guides – What You Should Know

    What is Google Local Guides? Google Local Guides is a points and recognition program for those that write reviews and contribute to Google Maps. How to join Joining is simple, just sign up for free on Google Maps. Anyone with a Google account can join, even if you have never contributed to Google Maps before.

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