Scathing Reviews of Terrible Movies

There are bad movies that make you want your money back, and there are truly terrible movies that make you want your time back too. Yet there are heroes out there that not only sacrificed their time watching these horrible movies, but went the extra mile and reviewed them, in hopes they can save the rest of us from the same misfortune.

Scathing Reviews of Terrible Movies

So we’re here to do our part too. We sifted through some of the lowest-rated movies on IMDb—some really awful stuff—and discovered some humor and decent writing amongst the reviews to share with you. Here are some scathing reviews of terrible movies:

#1 – Disaster Movie (2008)

1.9 / 10

The Disaster Movie was meant to be a parody of apocalyptic and natural disaster movies. From the reviews, it’s clear it failed to achieve it, but was it even a good-faith attempt?

Nobody in this movie does anything that resembles acting and its safe to say that this “movie” is 100% laugh free.

— Newsense

This movie I saw a day early for free and I still feel like I got ripped off. It is totally brain dead.

— rthco

Never has a movie had a More Appropriate Title!

— phoenixyk1

the writers seem to be desperate to cram in as much movie spoofs as possible in the hope that they can gain a laugh.

— Dillypogo

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#2 – Birdemic: Shock and Terror (2010)

1.7 / 10

Birdemic is about some ordinary people fighting off a “Birdemic” of mutant birds. Created by an amateur filmmaker on a $10,000 budget, and it shows.

The appalling plot sees our heroes spend 45 minutes doing normal everyday things like dating, meeting the parents, visiting restaurants and driving cars before anything happens.

— adriangr

This film cost $10,000. Before you see it, you may wonder how that was possible. After you watch it, you’ll wonder where the money went.

— BandSAboutMovies

Even if you’ve never taken a class in proper lighting or sound or stage direction or editing, Birdemic shines so mightily in its crap-ness. …
It’s a magnificent fresco of horrible CGI (the birds just float, like a screensaver)

— Quinoa1984

In contrast to many bad movies, it’s not boring. Consider it a train wreck that you simply can’t tear your eyes from.

— innocuous

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#3 – Son of the Mask (2005)

2.2 / 10

Son of the Mask, sequel to The Mask, is about a baby that gets ahold of superpowers granted by a magical green mask. Perhaps targeted towards kids, if the CGI weren’t so horrifying.

It has no target audience. It’s too terrifying for little kids to watch and too mindlessly stupid for anyone over 12 to enjoy… The CGI imagery in this movie will give kids nightmares.


If you have small children ages 6-13 they might get a chuckle from the fart and urine jokes, but thats about it.


This is a horrific movie spawned from the depths of hell… I doubt even kids would even like this, as the CGI is nightmare-inducing and the overabundance of wide angle close up shots being creepy.


…on top of the crummy writing, terrible acting, weird production design, and unflattering cinematography, it also contains the most horrific and rotten CGI effects ever put to film


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#4 – House of the Dead (2003)

2.1 / 10

House of the Dead is about a bunch of students attacked by zombies and monsters, meant to be a prequel to the video game series.

Terrible dialogue, half-assed plot, and video game scenes inserted into the film. Who in their right mind thought that was a good idea.


If a zombie ate most of your brains… you might be able to sit through this.


This is not a scary movie. It’s a sad waste of good zombies.


the characters are so annoying that by the first 50 minutes of the film you’ll be voting for the zombies to win


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Are these movies “so bad, they’re good”? Most of the reviews suggest no, which is how these movies earned their place in IMDb’s lowest rated movies of all time. But if these reviews didn’t scare you off, you might find these are movies you can enjoy ironically.

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