The Legendary With Rice Reddit Thread

The “With Rice” Story

Have you seen some review saying “9/10 with rice” and wondered what the heck it meant? This is a review-related meme stemming from a legendary 2015 AskReddit thread.

In the AskReddit community, Reddit users ask and answer each other’s questions. The creator of the “with rice” Reddit thread asked “What tasty food would be disgusting if eaten over rice?” and went one step further by trying the suggestions and leaving reviews!

With Rice Reddit Thread

Users submitted food suggestions, and the 14-year-old creator of the thread tried eating some of them with rice, reviewing each food on its own and when eaten with rice. The with rice Reddit thread quickly received thousands of comments, became one of the most popular AskReddit threads of the year, and carved a place in Reddit history and meme culture.

Review Highlights

Chewing gum

Minty chewing gum: 9/10
Minty chewing gum with rice: 4/10
Bubble gum: 8/10
Bubble gum with rice: 2/10
The rice gets stuck in the bubble gum pretty badly and makes it have an awkward taste and feeling.


I hate pickles honestly but I guess I’m willing to.
Pickles: 1/10
Pickles with rice: 2/10
I like rice.


Nacho cheese doritos: 10/10
Cool ranch doritos: 10/10
Nacho cheese doritos with rice: 7/10
Cool ranch doritos with rice: 7/10
These are both really tasty but would make you think what is wrong with your life.


So this one had to be cooked for various reasons. I boiled the rice and the ice, and I was left with rice.

Don’t find the responses very funny? Maybe you’re expecting too much from a 14-year-old kid. The novelty of this thread came was how interactive it was: most AskReddit threads just ask for opinions (e.g., “What is the most overrated movie?”), whereas this “with rice” thread creator tried commenters’ food suggestions and reviewed them.

Check out the original AskReddit thread posted by DO_U_EVEN_SPAGHETTI for more “with rice” responses.

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