Why IKEA Reviews Have Shockingly Low Ratings

IKEA is rated 1.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, worse than many companies we love to hate, such as Wells Fargo (1.8), Netflix (1.7), Fox News (1.5), or United Airlines (1.7). But does that match your experience, is IKEA really so bad?

Why IKEA Reviews Have Shockingly Low Ratings

We went through IKEA reviews on Trustpilot to figure out what’s going on. There are a few clear categories of disgruntled customers:

1. Poor Customer Service

There were countless complaints about poor or nonexistent customer service. And it seems the ABBA music that plays while you are on hold doesn’t help much.

It is almost as if they want to make it more difficult for you to resolve your issue in the hopes that you either give up and admit defeat (loss of over 400 pounds) or spend a painstakingly long amount of time on hold listening to ABBA tunes. I have been laughed at, ridiculed, hung up on and told false information by customer service employees just because they did not want me to take the matter any further.


My bed came with a wrong screw that damaged the wall of one of its drawers and IKEA won’t give me any response after 2 weeks. I complained a second time today and the agent response was that IKEA receives a lot complaints and that I should send the same complaint again (why? are they so disorganized they lost complaint?)


2. Delivery Issues

Tons of complaints were about delivery. To be clear, IKEA contracts out delivery to third-parties, though that doesn’t mean they aren’t responsible.

Ordered a IKEA desk for Christmas gift for my partner on November 25th and scheduled the delivery for December 20th…plenty of time right? Well the 20th came and went with ZERO contact from North American Logistics. I call Ikea and they tell me that my desk arrived at the NAL warehouse on the 18th and there are no notes as to why it wasn’t delivered, so I instead reschedule for the 23rd. Okay no problem, at least it’s before Christmas right?! Welp, here I am on the 23rd with still zero contact from NAL (even though I’ve tried to call twice and each time I’m actually hung up on) and now my Christmas gift isn’t going to be delivered until the 27th.

They once again failed to deliver the package (12/27 due to a light dusting of snow) and wanted to reschedule for another week out (1/03). At this rate, we’re looking at a Christmas in July situation.


With many similar stories with unreliable deliveries, your best bet may be to pick it up yourself in-store.

3. Build Quality

When most people buy furniture, it’s an investment they expect them to last years. IKEA is not known for long-lasting quality.

Our kitchen table is a thin skim of spray paint over chip board. It is the poorest quality item I have ever purchased and a complete embarrasment to Ikea, although maybe they think it’s acceptable.

—Judith and Sam

It’s amazing how this company charges over $400 for a dresser made of 150% sawdust & glue.

Almost all companies these days sell nothing but JUNK !!!

What happened to the good old days when furniture was made of this thing called “real wood”?


This could be a case of mismatched expectations. IKEA furniture prices are so low (relative to other furniture stores, it can still feel expensive), you should probably expect low quality to accompany it. But some argue the quality has gotten even worse lately.

Ikea are in deep decline. Now instead of using a single piece of wood, they are splicing offcuts together. My bed collapsed in the night when the splice failed. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.


4. Missing Components

IKEA furniture is famous for its need to be assembled. But that’s difficult if you don’t have all the components.

We started putting the bed together and we noticed the support beam was missing from our order. … Finally the support beam comes and we’re putting together the lönset. Lol this piece of s@*t thing came with one bent screw and one screw without any grooves. God forbid you throw in a few extra screws!


I ordered a unit that was supposed to have four shelves. It didn’t come with any. We had to call 2-3 times over the course of a month before they refunded us for the money for the shelves. 4 months later and a few more calls, still no shelves.


But I like IKEA?

IKEA is still beloved by many, with customers pleased about how the furniture is reasonably priced, pretty well-designed, and consistent over the years.

If you love IKEA but want to skip the nightmare of unreliable delivery and poor customer service, you might have a better experience with third-parties that sell elevated IKEA furniture, some that even offer customization!

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